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Thank you for visiting the Web site of my father, James R. Pelton.
It has been a great journey and labor of love piecing it together. Many of these photos have remained undiscovered for forty years in my mother’s basement as she couldn’t bear to part with any of his work.

As I was growing up, my mother often repeated the following story to me: I was 9-months-old and she held me in her arms as she climbed up the stairs to the second floor of our house. There, she found my father dead on the floor. He had been electrocuted. As she grabbed hold of him, the electrical current surged through her and then through me, almost killing us as well. My brothers and sister were playing downstairs at the time.

My mother often said, “It is too bad you never knew your father.” Now, however, I can finally respond, “Oh, but I do.” I have discovered him through his photos and through his love for photography. I see how intrigued he was with people and how he viewed the world as so much bigger than the rest of us could ever imagine. I also see a man who deeply loved not only his wife and his children but all those around him.

My mom never remarried and often showed us a picture of my father, saying, “How can you beat this?” She recently passed away aged 92 but I recall how she used to read one of my father’s love letters before she went to bed every night. She requested that it be buried with her. My father and mother’s relationship has been a true inspiration to me.

This is not a sad story, but one of hope. It is proof that love never dies. Though my father was only here a short while, he has left behind his unique vision of the world - a vision which often includes my mother not only as his model but as his true love. I hope you enjoy his photography as much as I have in discovering it.

Patti Pelton
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